WinQuest home page design
The site designed for a team of motivational speakers incorporated an ad for their upcoming book. home page design
The design for a continuing professional education website with Adobe Captivate video modules.
Jo Whitten Jewelry's home page
An e-commerce design for a jewelry designer's site featuring PayPal buttons rather than a shopping cart.
Location Advisory Services home page
A “billboard site” for a location advisory firm.
The Partners Team home page design
One of several design comps for an Arizona real estate firm.
iFreeAmerica landing page
This was the landing page for a debt counseling firm's seasonal promotion.


Link to CSS Zen Garden entry

Link to CSS Duck Pond website

Two CSS Zen Garden designs; identical HTML, different CSS. One has a liquid format, the other a centered column scrolling over a fixed background. Both designs open in new windows.
Original design of
This was the original home page design for an online GED site.

Additional design work (most of these sites open in new windows); only the first site below has a functional navigation bar.

Link to First Presbyterian Church website
First Presbyterian Church of Sun City - Redesigned site for a church using the BoldGrid plugin for WordPress. About half of the photos on the site are mine. I also set up the church's Facebook and Pinterest pages and do many of those postings.
Link to image of book club website
The Thursday Night Book Club - Blog for club members to post meeting notices and track what they've read. The background was a template; I added the custom header, content, and book-related icons. Doesn't open a new window; live site is password-protected.
Link to Louis Cantillo demo
Images by Louis Cantillo - Proposed home page design for a photographer's website, with a MooTools JavaScript slideshow of the client's pictures. Use the arrows on the sides of the photo to scroll through the images.
Link to Nicole Lacy demo
Nicole Lacy - This comp for a singer's site started as a third party template but has been significantly altered.